Doug Nopper

Doug Nopper
Owner/Partner of Integrated Wireless Technologies

Doug has always been around RF: Both his father and grandfather were design engineers; it was a huge part of his life growing up.

He started working for his father at a young age, learning the industry hands-on. From testing and soldering circuit boards, he learned enough to become a tower site maintenance tech, where he was responsible for the maintenance of nearly one hundred transmitters on Long Island. From here, he began site building, where systems are engineered and assembled in-house and field deployed. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering in 1994.

When his father’s company transitioned to a full Motorola dealership, Doug continued to focus on tower site maintenance, only now for local and state government customers. Doug received Motorola certification across many disciplines, including digital-path simulcast trunking and Centracom Elite Gold consoles. Eventually, the design, sales, and service aspects of the company became part of Doug’s responsibility, too.

After over twenty-five years working full-time in the same field, Doug could think of nothing he’d rather be doing. When Doug isn’t engineering systems for customers, he enjoys spending his time spoiling his grandson.